How We Can Help

In smaller organizations, CEOs and EDs are increasingly called upon to deliver and are exposed to demands for performance. At the same time, they feel isolated, increasingly left to their own devices to face their operational challenges alone. They have learned from experience that a U-turn can happen from one day to the next, that nothing is certain, and that career paths no longer follow a linear progression. They live with a degree of insecurity, insistent pressure and constant self-questioning.  Because of this, managers need a more individual, "bespoke" human resources management process, geared to the issues of the day; they need a setting that is nurturing and confidential, where they can work on themselves and develop their potential.

Staff Management

Seamless HR Solutions will advise you and your managers on how to handle different employee situations and how to appropriately address the concerns or questions of your employees, minimizing exposure to potential litigation.

We don’t bring the answer rather we bring a process for helping our clients discover the answers. Seamless HR Solutions educates managers and supervisors as a supportive partner and coach. The managers are given the tools they need to be successful in their business-related and interpersonal functions.  Coaching is providing feedback, usually to executives and managers, about how to reach their personal best in their organizational leadership role. Seamless HR Solutions assists by supplying a process you can follow to build your skills so you are more knowledgeable and more capable of addressing the opportunities in the future.

Recruiting and Placement

Seamless HR Solutions can source and manage the placement of interim and/or full-time positions.


Payroll Processing

Efficient payroll processing is critical to any organization.  Seamless HR Solutions can implement payroll on your current system or recommend and execute a new system that best fits the needs of your organization.


Employee Benefits

Benefits costs have increased dramatically over the past few years and most organizations are faced with the challenge of offering a comprehensive benefits package at an affordable cost to both the organization and the employee. Seamless HR Solutions will work with your broker to evaluate your current employee benefit package and suggest improvements or enhancements while reducing your overall costs.


New Hires and Terminations

The timely completion of paperwork for new hires and terminated employees can be overwhelming.  Seamless HR Solutions will assume the responsibility of keeping your organization  in compliance with payroll, benefit plans and COBRA requirements.  We will provide new hire orientation and handle the paperwork of terminated employees within the framework of your organization’s culture.


Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures help shape the culture of your organization and define expectations of your employees.  By working with Seamless HR Solutions to create an employee handbook specific to your organization or review and revise a current one already in place, you will be confident that you are in compliance with federal and state laws. And when policies are being adopted, we are there to help communicate the information to your staff and answer any questions that may arise.


Employee Relations

When you have questions regarding how to deal with employee issues or when your employees have HR related questions or concerns, Seamless HR Solutions can help.  We will advise you and your managers on how to handle different employee situations and how to appropriately address the concerns or questions of your employees, minimizing exposure to potential litigation.


Performance Management

Performance management is the foundation of performance excellence. The process includes setting clear and specific performance expectations for each employee and providing periodic informal and formal feedback about the employee’s performance relative to those stated goals. Seamless HR Solutions can help with this process and serve as the linchpin of the effective and efficient administration of the performance management system. Having an educated HR team that is well prepared to train the company’s managers in the system and to assist them when they have issues or questions is critical to the smooth functioning of the process.

Other HR Services

If you need assistance with any other HR or administrative projects, we are flexible and have the expertise to be of service to you. Seamless HR Solutions can help with  projects such as:

  • Review and maintenance of employee personnel files
  • Development of a compensation structure
  • Preparation of annual benefit summaries for employees
  • Conducting employee satisfaction surveys
  • Employee training
  • Acting as HR Director
  • HR Management Systems
  • And more...